Our values at Longevity Financial are our promise to you.


Our first and only allegiance is to you. We don’t belong to any company or investment asset class. We have and always will put our clients first.


We proudly conduct business at the fiduciary standard and build relationships and our success with our clients upon a foundation of trust.


We are a family-oriented business which means we’re not just a resource for you — we’re here for your spouse, your children, and your grandchildren. We live and invest with an eye to legacy.


We make it our business to learn everything we can about our industry. We strive to constantly improve upon ourselves with new training, certifications, and innovative thinking.

What does the wave represent in our logo?

A wave starts from one side of the world and consistently makes it to its intended destination no matter the conditions on its journey.

This embodies what we do for our clients helping them to chart their course to their ideal retirement destinations no matter the volatile conditions ahead.

A wave never runs out – its longevity lasts until it meets its destination.

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