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Our Mission: Your Financial Confidence

Imagine you're about to board a plane heading to the vacation of your dreams. As the gate opens, the pilot announces they have no flight plan, and as a result, there's only a 50% chance of making it to your destination—do you still get on the plane? Would it surprise you to know that 50% of Baby Boomers and pre-retirees are the same about their retirement—and take the risk anyway? 1

Bradley Rosen founded Longevity Financial because he believes this level of risk is simply unacceptable. No one should ever outlive their retirement savings, but to make sure you have what you need to get you to where you're going, you need a strong flight plan to get you there. After decades in the financial industry, Bradley created his “Design for Life Retirement Plan” to help guide his clients to and through their retirement with longevity, prosperity, and confidence.

1  Northwestern Mutual Planning & Progress Survey 2023

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Design for Life Retirement Plans

No matter if you’re retired, preparing to retire, or have years to go, we’ll craft a customized plan that addresses your specific goals, risks, and dreams.

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Ongoing Education

Financial literacy is the key to lasting financial peace. We aim to educate and inform our clients so they feel just as confident in their custom retirement plans as we do.

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The Longevity Approach

As an independent financial advisory firm, we uphold the highest standards of fiduciary care, meaning we place our clients’ well-being as the first and only priority.

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Bradley has helped me to fully understand the options available for my personal situation that will help me to make the most out of my retirement and to insure that my retirement income is maximized and protected. His understanding and communication of all aspects of financial planning for retirees is outstanding.

Jim M.

We had recently moved from Gulf Shores Al to Atlanta approximately two years ago and were in need of and were in need of a local financial advisor. We met Brad through an online referral. When he came to our home we immediately found him to be warm and friendly, and most of all very knowledgeable. Shortly after that initial meeting we decided to use Brad as our financial advisor and have not regretted it. Bradley helped us invest in several investment strategies that protect against downside market risk. So far this has been an effective strategy in the volatile markets we have today. Overall we have been pleased with both Brad.

Ron & Virginia L.

My husband has known Brad since he was a child, watching him grow into the wonderful, well rounded individual he is today. Together, my husband and I have had the opportunity to know Brad even better as he assists us with our insurance vehicles. Brad is a person of great knowledge, strength, and resources. He works hard for his clients to help assure their investments grow and prosper. Brad is not only a friend, but a person you can trust with your future.

Wanda & Manny. P

Brad has been helping me for approximately 15 years. Although I am far from his biggest client, he treats me as if I am, continually reviewing my account and assisting me through changes in various programs and in the market. he is someone you can be blunt with and listens closely to what you say. I feel comfortable that he is doing what is best for me, understanding that my long-term success is his long-term success.

Andrew. J

Brad has proven to me over the years that he is really concerned with my family’s financial well being. He has consistently brought me good life insurance and annuity products to consider along with some good information over the past 15 years. Brad never pushes to “make a sale.” He is always looking for the best way to build a long-term relationship.

Michael. G

Brad is trusted person to me and to my family for investment vehicles and insurance policies. Brad takes the time to ask the right questions bout our present situation as well as future needs and goals. His knowledge of the financial markets is tremendous and he always recommends the most appropriate products and services.

Rodney. L

The above statements are provided from clients of the advisor. There has been no compensation paid of any type or kind in exchange for the statements. No material conflicts of interest exist arising from the relationship between the advisor and the clients. The statements provided may not be indicative of all client experiences. There can be no performance guarantees or guarantees of success.


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