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Longevity Financial understands the great impact that the current COVID-19 pandemic is having on our world and our finances.   No one knows the full extent of the damage done to the economy by COVID-19. It is important to stay well informed and understand how your current portfolio is designed to weather the next down turn.

Longevity Financial is offering a 100% complimentary review of your portfolio to help you navigate and protect your finances during this time. Click below to find out more and how to schedule your appointment at your convenience. 

3 Retirement Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

In this article, Mr. Rosen highlights the risks that can affect your retirement plan and how to prepare and mitigate these risks through a comprehensive financial plan.

“Never before have American retirees faced such monumental risks when planning for retirement. Our extended life expectancy (commonly referred to as “longevity”) coupled with market volatility, sky-rocketing health care costs in retirement, and the inevitability of taxes and inflation have led many to wonder if they have enough funds set aside to last through their retirement….”


Longevity Financial understands that women have unique challenges when it comes to planning for retirement.  Bradley J. Rosen, seen above with the women in his family, works closely with women in his community to overcome these challenges so they can take control of their finances.

Meet Bradley J. Rosen

OWNER / PRESIDENT of Longevity Financial

Bradley Rosen is the owner and president of Longevity Financial and has been developing and implementing wealth management and retirement income strategies for individuals and companies for over 21 years. His firm focuses on a client-centric approach, carefully factoring in each client’s circumstances and priorities in relation to their retirement needs. Mr. Rosen prides himself on staying well informed on the world’s current issues as well as the financial industry’s products, services, and best practices. […]

If you knew you had guaranteed income for life as part of your overall retirement plan

What would you do?

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Educational Workshops

Knowledge is power. We provide informative webinars for you to understand the risks and solutions available to provide longevity in your retirement.


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“I feel comfortable that he is doing what is best for me, understanding that my long-term success is his long-term success.”


Services Offered

We offer many financial solutions and products to create longevity in your retirement and financial plan giving you peace-of-mind and security.


The Longevity Project provides educational health and wealth workshops and conferences to companies and groups throughout South Florida. We believe that your financial health is directly correlated to your mental and physical health and we strive to educate our community on these important matters.

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