Bradley J. Rosen


For over two decades, Bradley Rosen, owner and president of Longevity Financial, has been developing and implementing wealth management and retirement income strategies for individuals and companies. He has developed a process to help his clients achieve longevity in their retirement planning and has utilized investment vehicles designed to protect one’s lifetime savings from market volatility and other major retirement pitfalls. Bradley’s unique approach puts him at the forefront of protecting retirement income plans.

As an advisor and educator, Mr. Rosen prides himself on staying well informed on current global financial events as well as the financial industry’s products, services, and best practices.

His passion for continuous learning and education stems from his family history; both his mother and grandmother were public school teachers. Following in their footsteps, Bradley promotes financial literacy to his clients and his community by hosting webinars, workshops, and conferences. His objective is to educate individuals about the biggest risks in retirement planning, how to reduce or eliminate these risks, and how to implement these strategies into a retirement plan.

Bradley, along with his wife and two children, currently reside in the Atlanta area. You can find him advocating for retirement success as a go-to financial educator on several news outlets and financial publications. You can view Bradley's media appearances HERE.

This award recognizes Bradley as one of the top 100 wealth professionals who are reshaping the financial services industry and making a significant impact on their communities.

Doreen Patrick

Executive Assistant

Doreen brings over 17 years of experience in the financial services industry, holding a variety of roles as a client support specialist, office manager, operations manager and business owner. She manages the day-to-day operations of the office and monitors the workflow and processes within to ensure we are delivering the best to our clients.

Doreen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, an Associate’s degree in Business Management, a Paralegal Certification, and a university-level Associate Customer Service insurance designation through LOMA (Life Office Management Association).

Our Values

Our values at Longevity Financial are our promise to you.


Our first and only allegiance is to you. We don’t belong to any company or investment asset class. We have and always will put our clients first.


We proudly conduct business at the fiduciary standard and build relationships and our success with our clients upon a foundation of trust.


We are a family-oriented business which means we’re not just a resource for you—we’re here for your spouse, your children, and your grandchildren. We live and invest with an eye to legacy.


We make it our business to learn everything we can about our industry. We strive to constantly improve upon ourselves with new training, certifications, and innovative thinking.

What does the wave represent in our logo?

A wave starts from one side of the world and consistently makes it to its intended destination no matter the conditions on its journey.  

This embodies what we do for our clients helping them to chart their course to their ideal retirement destinations no matter the volatile conditions ahead.

A wave never runs out — its longevity lasts until it meets its destination.

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