Take Off with Our “Design for Life Retirement Plans”

The Longevity Process

Statistically, people with written retirement plans are more likely to retire early (at an average age 63) compared to people with no written plan who tend to retire later. 2

No two people—or plans—are ever alike.

You worked hard for the life you’ve always wanted. Isn’t it time you finally get it? By creating a custom “Design for Life Retirement Plan,” we can help you realize your dreams and reach your goals safely and reliably.

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Bradley Meeting With Client

Step 1

Flight Identification

First, we’ll chat about your goals, worries, hopes, and future plans to understand what’s important to you. We’ll also look at your current money situation to see if your current retirement plan is doing its job (if you have one), where it could be better, and what opportunities you should take advantage of.

Step 2


In this meeting, we’ll talk about our analysis and share ideas on how to help you gain some altitude in your financial situation. If we agree to work together, our team will gather the documents and facts we need for your customized “Design for Life Retirement Plan.” We want you to leave this meeting assured that you’re flying in the right direction.

Step 3

Take-Off - “Design for Life Retirement Plans”

Now, we can begin enacting your plan by adjusting your portfolio, insurance, and funds accordingly in a way that makes sense for you. Your plan will change over time, just as you do, so this is a step we’ll come back to often.

Step 4

Course Correction

Life is as unpredictable as people are, which is why, as your situation changes, your “Design for Life Retirement Plan” will adapt to your new circumstances—whatever those may be. We welcome any questions you have and ask we stay in regular contact to address life changes as they happen.

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