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Real Client Cases

Life Insurance

April 2019

“After being previously declined three times for life insurance over a 15 month period, Longevity Financial was able to get me approved for $2M worth of coverage for my family with one of the top insurance carriers at a favorable rating and affordable cost. Bradley took the time to read all my medical records and found several discrepancies in my physician notes based on what I told him regarding my medical history. Based on his recommendation, I went back to my primary care physician to discuss this discrepancy. My physician agreed it wasn’t accurate and properly documented my timeline of my pre-existing condition. Bradley then shopped my case informally to ten carriers at once. He identified the one that would approve me without a substandard rating. I am so thankful I met Bradley and I know my family is safe because of all his efforts.” 


Longevity Financial is an independent firm. We have access to nearly every insurance policy. We pride ourselves on this independence to identify the best carrier for your particular case. We have our own medically underwriting team that will guide your case and determine which carrier(s) will make to most sense cost wise and benefit wise. Longevity Financial makes sure we have all the facts and information to present your case to our underwriting team.  We take great pride researching your case and shop around for the best fit.

Upgrading Annuities

Case Study #1 – March 2020

I met Bradley 10 years ago and he designed a guaranteed lifetime income strategy utilizing annuities to become my “pension”. Fast forward to today, I got remarried and sold my business. My original annuities were based on my life only and my children were my beneficiaries. During our annual review, Bradley explained that since my circumstances had changed (a new marriage), we should explore looking at replacing my old annuities with ones that would make lifetime payments based on both me and my wife’s life. Since she is younger than me it was clear that had I kept my original plan, there may not be a lot of money to leave to my wife due to my life expectancy. With a joint income annuity, my wife is protected and will continue to receive the same income I receive after I pass. It turns out the newer annuities also provide stronger guarantees and even a small nursing home benefit.” 


Case Study #2 – December 2019

We have been working with Bradley for 15 years. I recently retired from the school board and planned to purchase a vacation home in Ohio. Bradley took the time to help me develop a flexible retirement plan that freed up the cash needed for the vacation home as well as a guaranteed lifetime income plan using annuities in addition to my wealth management account. We sleep well at night knowing that with his help, we have a guaranteed income source to meet our monthly budget that can never be reduced from market losses. We use the wealth management account as a supplement income source for any travel or large purchases. Bradley has done an excellent job educating us during each phase of our life and presenting multiple strategies for us to choose from.” 

Longevity Financial reviews your policies to make sure you still have the best product on the market. Especially when an annuity policy is reaching the end of it’s surrender period, it is important to review our client’s policies to make sure it is achieving our client’s goals and offering the best benefits. Many things can change, whether it’s in your personal life, our markets, or with existing products.  We give our clients unbiased timely advice and design their retirement income plan carefully considering important details such as: one’s life expectancy, family dynamic, projection on future healthcare cost and so much more. 

Long-Term Care

July 2010

I was recommended to Bradley to help me with my long-term care strategy. Both my wife and I have experienced the high cost of long-term care when caring for our aging parents. My mother ran out of her assets because she needed home healthcare for over 5 years. I eventually had to supplement her finances. We did not want to experience this tragedy in our own life, nor did we want our kids to have that responsibility. Bradley explained the various options we had in regards to long-term care contracts. He recommended a policy that allowed us to make payments for only 10 years. During our working years and when we completed the 10th year, we would no longer have any premium payments nor any price increases in our future. The best part, I was able to get a deduction for the payments each year as my business paid the premium. Today, we have our LTC plan in place to protect our retirement assets and our benefit has increased each year to keep up with present day LTC costs in our city.” 


Longevity Financial is an independent firm who has access to virtually every LTC product to utilize. We pride ourselves on tailoring our clients LTC plan that best suits their needs.  Depending on your age and health history, we have all your options to help you get approved. Longevity Financial has access to every type of LTC policies such as traditional LTC, hybrid LTC and Life/Annuity contracts that allow for LTC riders to be attached. Each brings unique advantages and disadvantages such as lifetime payouts,different underwriting guidelines and even return of premium. Let us educate you on ALL the options available before securing your long term care coverage.

More Testimonials:

My husband has known Brad since he was a child, watching him grow into the wonderful, well rounded individual he is today. Together, my husband and I have had the opportunity to know Brad even better as he assists us with our insurance vehicles. Brad is a person of great knowledge, strength, and resources. He works hard for his clients to help assure their investments grow and prosper. Brad is not only a friend, but a person you can trust with your future.” 

Wanda & Manny. P

Brad has been helping me for approximately 15 years. Although I am far from his biggest client, he treats me as if I am, continually reviewing my account and assisting me through changes in various programs and in the market. he is someone you can be blunt with and listens closely to what you say. I feel comfortable that he is doing what is best for me, understanding that my long-term success is his long-term success.” 

Andrew. J

“Brad has proven to me over the years that he is really concerned with my family’s financial well being. He has consistently brought me good life insurance and annuity products to consider along with some good information over the past 15 years. Brad never pushes to “make a sale.” He is always looking for the best way to build a long-term relationship.” 

Michael. G

“Brad is trusted person to me and to my family for investment vehicles and insurance policies. Brad takes the time to ask the right questions bout our present situation as well as future needs and goals. His knowledge of the financial markets is tremendous and he always recommends the most appropriate products and services” 

Rodney. L

I have known Bradley for 30+ years and have converted all of my planning to help me retire in peace. He has protected my portfolio from downside risk and added guaranteed income. During this volatile time I am comfortable and I know my retirement income is protected from market risk.”

Roger. L

I recently attended one of Mr. Rosen’s online webinars about Planning for Retirement in a Volatile Market. I was impressed by his knowledge and insight and was surprised that I had never heard my old advisor speak about these important factors that could affect my portfolio. His clients are in good hands thanks to his expertise and experience.”

Jay. R

*The above testimonials do not represent the experience of other clients and do not guarantee future performances or success.

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